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Boeing 727 Series by FlyJSim Discussion Videos Tutorials

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Boeing 727 Series by FlyJSim Discussion Videos Tutorials

FlyJsim Boeing 727 Startup cold and dark

How I use the Autopilot.

I see a lot of new customers are having questions or trouble with the autopilot. Fair enough, if is not similar to others and if you are new to airliners it may be a bit odd at first. So let me go over how I use the autopilot and see if that helps you out.

First, review the FJS-727 SeriesSystemsManual.pdf page 53. This page outlines the autopilot panel.
Also note the 727_ViewPresets.jpg image, which outlines the various numpad key quick view options.

Pressing numpad 2 will bring you to the autopilot panel. If you do not have a numpad, you will need to set the keys to something else on your keyboard through X-Planes joystick and equipment options menu. Note that numpad 4 brings you back to the pilots view. If it is not working check numlock.

When I fly I will have a key set to engage my autopilot on my keyboard or joystick. Command you are looking for for this will be sim/autopilot/servos_toggle. Assign this to a key easily reached while using your joystick to fly. This will also toggle off the autopilot if needed.

On the glareshield you will see the alt Select window. Make sure this is set to the altitude you wish to level off at.

Now Takeoff normally, and once airborne, pitch the nose to 10 degrees nose up, and engage the autopilot using the key you just set up. Make sure wings are level when you do this. Now the autopilot will keep the pitch and bank that you had once you engaged it.
You can keep the autopilot there for now while you clean up the flaps and increase speed to 250 kts.

If your departure calls for you to hold a heading you may engage that as well once you are airborne. The green HDG SEL light will light up indicating that heading mode is engaged. You select your heading on the directional gyro.

Under the heading select is the AltSel Button. Selecting this will light up the ARM light under the button. Now the autopilot knows to level off once the altitude you selected is reached.

Once you are at or near 250 kts, use the left knob on the autopilot panel to turn on IAS HOLD mode. Now the autopilot will pitch the aircraft to maintain the desired airspeed set on the airspeed bug. The default speed should always be 250 kts on your first flight.

So now the autopilot should be holding an airspeed of 250kts and you are on a heading you selected. If left alone the autopilot will just level off once it reached the selected altitude. 

But perhaps you wish to follow a GPS/FMS route or VOR. You can use the knob on the right side of the autopilot panel to select a lateral navigation mode other than heading mode. NAVLOC is for VOR navigation, AUXNAV is for GPs/FMS and AutoGS is for your ILS approach to land.

At 10,000 feet, you will want to change the airspeed bug between 270 and 310 kts. I like 300 myself.

Next step is once you are around mach .78 you will want to switch over to MACH HOLD mode, else you may not be able to climb to a high cruise altitude. This changeover will happen around 29,500 feet.

The descent should be similar to the accent. Just initially set your new level off altitude, maybe at 10,000 feet, and decrease power, and set the autopilot to hold a MACH of .78 will you change over to 300 kts. At 10,000 feet slow down to 250 kts. On approach select AutoGS to intercept the ILS. You may need to use HDG mode again before the ILs intercept to get to within 40 degrees of the ILS heading.

Just play with it a bit till you get it. Its really not too hard once you get the hang of it.
Any questions just ask. If i missed something or you need clarification on anything post here. 

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